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Brief Profile of the Department

The Department of Psychology, Tripura University, launches its M. SC. Applied Psychology and Ph. D. Psychology Programmes in 2012 with a commitment to prepare Psychologists as Professionals for significantly contributing to the development of India and the World. These Programmes offer dual specialization in Clinical Psychology and Organizational Psychology. Due emphasis has been placed in developing Psychologists with Innovativeness, so as to enable the students to become Self-Employed.
Our Department of Psychology is dedicated to advancing the knowledge of Management of Mental Health. We will train our students as Teachers, Counselors, Therapists, Trainers and Researchers by cultivating mastery over the relevant skills in the areas of human development and behavior.
Our Department is going to establish an Advanced Psychology Laboratory to assess the various aspects of behavior of an individual and also provide various therapeutic and remedial techniques for the management of psycho - somatic and behavioural problems. It is also planning to start a Mental Health Counseling Center to cater to the mental health needs of the students and also for the public.

Year of Establishment:


Major thrust area of research:

Clinical Psychology, Behaviour Technology

Head of the Department:

Prof. Nutankumar S. Thingujam

Courses Offered:

  • M. A.(Applied Psychology)
  • Ph. D. (Psychology)

Intake Capacity:

  • M. A. - 14
  • Ph. D.

Total NET Qualified Students:


Total Ph.D. awarded students:


Total Research Project Funding (Completed & Ongoing):


Syllabus for Various Courses Offered::

  • Post Graduate.: Download
  • Ph.D. Course Work: Download
  • Research Eligibility Test (RET): Download

Seminar/Conference/Workshop organized:

  • National Seminar on Youth in India: Issues & Challenges, March 17-18, 2017
  • Seminar on Suicide Prevention, 27th September, 2016
  • WORKSHOP On ‘Mental Health’, 29th September, 2015
  • STATE LEVEL SYMPOSIUM On ‘Suicide Prevention’, 10th September, 2015
  • A special lecture on: ‘Mental Retardation: Different Aspects and Management’, 21st May, 2015
  • A special lecture on: ‘Aggression: Different Dimensions and Perspectives.' , 19th December, 2014
  • Seminar on ‘Neuropsychological Aspects and Prevention of Suicide’, 11th September, 2014
  • A special lecture on: ‘Management of Psychological Problems among Students’, 29th August, 2014
  • Lecture on ‘Application of Psychology in Different Areas’ , 24th April, 2014
  • National Seminar On Health and Well being of Adolescents and Young Adults: An Indian Perspective, 22-23 March, 2014
  • A special lecture on: ‘Rehabilitation of Disabled: Issues and Challenges’, 15th Feb, 2014
  • Lecture on: ‘Mental Health Problems of Students: Some Challenges for the New Millennium’, 20th Dec, 2013

Address of Communication:

Department of Psychology
Tripura University (A Central University),Suryamaninagar
Tripura, India -799022
Phone:(0381) - 2379003,
Fax: (0381) - 2374803
email: hod_psychology[at]
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