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  1. Indian scientists use tiny bubbles to draw plastic circuits
  2. New material may help convert CO2 into fuel using light
  3. Scientists just created a flexible bio-glue for healing wounds
  4. New Microsoft HoloLens to incorporate Artificial Intelligence
  5. Facebook shuts Artificial Intelligence system after bots create own language
  6. Succeeding with the Fifth Discipline in the digital age
  7. Pioneering researcher on the brain’s plasticity dies
  8. IGIB researchers rein in cancer cells
  9. Quantum computing as the future? Here’s why it is still waiting for the hardware
  10. New tech to treat anti-ageing in human cells, benefit progeria treatment
  11. Scientists develop new optical device that can detect drugs, explosives
  12. Building a nose-like array of sensor
  13. Microsoft Word to 'Read Aloud' text for the dyslexic
  14. India, China home to 39 pc of young Internet users: UN
  15. Turmeric can be used to fight cancer in children, find US
  16. Three types of smile decoded
  17. Blue-light blocking glasses may help you sleep better
  18. Driven by technological adoption
  19. Soon, a satellite that tracks ships
  20. How a patient changed the way engineering is used in Indian ophthalmology
  21. Vacant seats in IITs touch 4-year high; unpopular courses may be scrapped
  22. Stay abreast with the technological advancements
  23. How to reprogramme cells in immune system
  24. Now, digital truck parking system
  25. Smart underwear may help prevent back pain
  26. A Better Autonomous Underwater Vehicle? It’s all in the Rotation
  27. Born this way? Researchers explore the science of gender identity
  28. IBM scientists sets new world record, store 330TB of uncompressed data in one tape
  29. Heat-conducting plastic may lead to lighter cars, computers
  30. Scientists have made the most accurate measurement of elusive dark matter
  31. Now sunglasses that can generate solar power, distribute electric power
  32. Drones, geo-tagging, big data: Narendra Modi's governance is tech-friendly
  33. Lunar eclipse on 7 August to be visible in India
  34. The Future of Search Engines
  35. Lunar eclipse on 7 August to be visible in India
  36. CAT 2017 notification out at, exam on November 26
  37. AICTE to cut down on theory, focus more on practice
  38. Research not be mandatory for college teachers' promotions: HRD
  39. 3 internships mandatory for engineering students? Here’s how to plan for them
  40. Pass credits to be brought down to 160: AICTE chairman page 7 and online
  41. The HEERA conundrum
  42. Decide On Payment of Salary in Private Engineering Colleges: Supreme Court To AICTE

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