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  1. Scientists create bio-based glue that works under water
  2. Google’s Internet Saathi programme: How rural women are transforming communities
  3. Indian researcher uses novel strategy to increase wheat yield
  4. Chennai team taps AI to read Indus Script
  5. India prepares to discuss breakthrough technology: Designer humans— science, ethics of ermline editing
  6. Biofuels can cut jet engine pollution by half
  7. Seven teams qualify for Indian private moon mission
  8. Having children may add two years to your life: Study
  9. India fast adopting IoT to improve customer experience
  10. Last month was second warmest February on record, says NASA
  11. New Method Could Produce Eco-Friendlier Fabric Softeners
  12. Solar Power Harnessed to Generate Hydrogen
  13. New flexible sensor holds potential for foldable touch screens
  14. Whole-body vibration may be as effective as regular exercise
  15. 'Instrument flight' to the inner ear
  16. Ultrashort light pulses for fast 'lightwave' computers
  17. A scientist and a supercomputer re-create a tornado
  18. New Power Converter for Internet of Things Reduces Resting Power Consumption by 50 Percent
  19. Scientists Discover a New Way to Tune Electronic Energy Levels
  20. Scientists develop fold-able inexpensive sensor for foldable gadgets, artificial skin
  21. Vision saved by first induced pluripotent stem cell treatment
  22. Impulsive Facebook use may cause brain imbalance
  23. CCMB researchers control weight and fat gain in animals
  24. Arunachal teen develops goggles to help the blind
  25. IIT Bombay designs free Indian language keyboard with 12 languages: One app on multiple phones
  26. Scientists Identify Environmental Pollutants Using Optical Fingerprints
  27. 3,000 students of Vidyavihar college take internal tests on smart phones
  28. The Engineering Academic Challenge (EAC) Spring 2017
  29. Now, Bengal opposes Centre's common engineering admission test
  30. Engg college makes teachers take exams too
  31. Kendriya Vidyalaya admissions: Javadekar urges parliamentarians to recommend 10 poor kids
  32. Best Asian universities: Indian Institute of Science, IIT Bombay among top 50
  33. Browse Satyajit Ray's notes on National Digital Library app
  34. HRD hurdle to skills universities
  35. UGC notification without any deviation: Delhi HC
  36. Cabinet approves 50 new Kendriya Vidyalayas, 650 posts to be created
  37. IIT GATE 2017 exam: Final answer keys released, check now
  38. Asia’s best university: 33 Indian institutes in top 300 list including IISc, IIT Bombay
  39. Government gives nod to IIIT Bill
  40. India Today Conclave 2017: HRD Ministry to table national education policy soon, says Prakash Javadekar
  41. Clarification regarding "Regular Mode" with reference to the Ph.D. Degrees.
  42. 60% of engineering graduates unemployed
  43. Women in space
  44. UGC recast to free up higher education put on fast track
  45. Traditional education or distance learning?
  46. Five good reads on self-discovery
  47. Knowledge mobilisation through quality higher education is pivotal to the socio-economic development of a nation.

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